​​​​​​​The Fantoms - The Great British Sound & Beat of Rock And Roll

Vocal & Instrumental Rock and Roll music from the late 50's and early 60's.

​​​The Fantoms 

How It All Began

Reformed after 30 years, The Fantoms are back performing around the country on a regular basis.

If you know The Fantoms from the early days and have any memorabilia ( photo's,video, posters etc ) please let us know.  We would love to publish any relevant material.

​Well after a great 2016  the story continues with Nick, Glenn, Neil & Gary into 2018.

The Fantoms started life in the late summer of 1980 after a band called 'Rebound' called it a day.

Three of the to be Fantoms had been in Rebound at one time or another. Rebound used to perform a lot of 'Rollin Rock' tunes, by artists such as Ray Campi, Mac Curtis, Eddie Cochran, Cliff Richard, Billy Fury and not forgetting the man himself Elvis.

London DJ 'Wild Wax' was looking for a 'Shadows' type band for a Cliff Richard documentary at the time.He heard the bands demo 'Never Mind' and The Fantoms got the job.

The Fantoms recorded 'D In Love' with Cliff at Londons 'Hardrock Cafe' on April 30th 1981.

After a show with Cliff at the 'Hardrock Cafe' in London,the gigs were coming in pretty fast. In June the band went into the studio to record 6 songs.... 'Don't Knock Upon My Door','Nearly All The Time','No Fancy Car','Idle Star','Fallen Shadow'and 'Satellite'.

In August, 1981, they went back to the studio to record their single ' Five Foot Two (Eyes of Blue)' B-sided with a slower version of 'Idle Star' for the Magnum Force label.

Release of the single pictured above with Cliff Richard .

1982 - 2019