​​​The Fantoms - The Great British Sound & Beat of Rock And Roll

Vocal & Instrumental Rock and Roll music from the late 50's and early 60's.

The Fantoms


Gentse Feesten - 2017 - The Ghent Festival 


So all booked , we travel out on Friday the 14th of July and return home on the Monday , 17th of July  .

To recreate the 'good old days ' the travel arrangements had to include a ferry  , so although not quite the original route (UK to Belgium) , we are traveling by ferry ....  from Dover to Calais .

Leave home 6am to arrive at the hotel by 5pm ... hopefully 

UK to Gent 

Hillingdon to Victoria Coach Station London, by Coach or Taxi   (TBC) .. must not miss the 7am coach !!

London to Dover by Coach.

Dover town to Ferry port by Foot .

Dover Ferry to Calais Port .

Calais Port to Calais Frethun train station by Taxi.

Calais Frethun train station to Lille Europe by Train.

Lille Europe train station to Lille Flandres train station by Subway.

​Lille Flanders train station to Kortrijk by Train.

​Kortrijk train station to Ghent by Train.

Ghent train station to hotel by Taxi.

Gent home to UK

Hotel to Ghent train station by Taxi .

Ghent train station to Brussels Midi Station by Train.

Brussels to St Pancrac Station London by Train

St Pancrac Station to home .... Somehow !!

​ALL BECAUSE someone wanted to go on a FERRY !!​

Initial Job Done , Mission WILL be accomplished. 

A long weekend & return to the festival in Ghent, Belgium in July 2017 , only conditions are - no car or van and the channel crossing must be by ferry !!  Nostalgic trip from the 1982 .