Vocal & Instrumental Rock and Roll music from the late 50's and early 60's.

​​​The Fantoms 

1982 - 2019

Web Site Contributions (Photos, memorabilia etc)

2019 - Venues & Events 

 Tawastia Rautalanka Rumble

​Jori Venemies

Kumu Drums , Mad Professor Amps , Hehku Custom Amplifiers

& Anakainen Cabinets

Stuary Hardy - The Valentine Rockin' Weekend 2019

Bill & Linda - Westward Ho Weekender 13

This page is dedicated to saying ' Thank You ' to everyone that has supported ' The Fantoms  gigs and events' during 2019 and to those that have contributed to 'The Fantoms' web site ..

Janie Warner & Maggie Sampford for the review in

Maggie's Blues Suede News ( see Magazine Publications page )

Katri Karvinen - Amazing Photographs​​ Finland

Juha Juki Suvanne - Real Cool Videos Finland

Aki Schadewitz - More Amazing Photographs Finland

​Arja Schadewitz - More Real Cool Videos Finland

Graham Bice - Westward Ho Weekender 13

2019 - Thank You 

​​​​​​​The Fantoms - The Great British Sound & Beat of Rock And Roll