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Vocal & Instrumental Rock and Roll music from the late 50's and early 60's.

Pete Bell & Janie Warner  The Castle , 20th January 

​Ian Bradford & John lavery , The Piano Bar , 5th March

​Dylan & Morgan , RnR Studios , 18th &19th March

Dave Higgs , The Woodfield , 25th March

Hev & Max Cagnasso , Reunion of The Rockers , 1st April

​John Van RT , 28th May

Paul Turner , The British Royal Legion - Isleworth , July 21st

Hev & Max Cagnasso , The Ton Up Pre-Party , 22nd July

Mr & Mrs Mark Ponsford , The Wedding , 12th August

Steve & Sarah , Rockin B Bash , 2nd September

Stuart Hardy , Blackpool , 21st September

Dave n Stu , Charity Gig , Leeds ,14th October

​Sean Gilbert, Alan Ansell & Brian Scothern , The Strelly Club, 28th October

Alan Wright , The Battle of Britain Club , 2nd December 

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